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Dear Members 亲爱的会员

请于2023-04-10 之前更新您个人资料。

Update your particular before 2023-April-10

Tao Nan Alumni website, update your personal particular click link here

会员登入网站更新 个人的资料 会员中心/会员登入 点击以下链接

       key in Your Login Id and Password 输入您的用户名与密码

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2. Key in your Login Id  输入用户名 (Enter Login Id)
      3. Key in your Password 输入密码 (Enter Password) 

4. Click “登录” 点击“登录” (Click Enter)

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Reset Password 重设密码

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      (Enter Your Email Address) 输入您的注册电邮址

      2.Send Code
      (Enter Blue button “Send Code”) 按蓝色键Send Code
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      (Enter “Code” click “Verify”) 输入您收到的验证号码,

      点击 蓝色键 “Verify”

      4.*New Password
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      5.*Confirm Password
      (Confirm New Password ) 输入新的密码验证

      6. Submit 提交 (Click “Submit”) 点击“Submit”

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Click “信息设置” update your particular
      点击 “信息设置” 修改您个人资料。

or 或

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Click “Forget Password” 点击”忘记密码“

Have problem. 如果遇到问题请
      1. Email电邮:
      2. Tao Nan Alumni Association 道南校友会

      (Whatapp 6580103452)Click here to Link 点击链接

       (Above link only use for “mobile phone connection 。 以上只用于 “手机链接”